Supporting children and families affected by childhood cancer

The Sawera Health Foundation is an initiative to support all such children and their families, with tools to make their day to day lives easier, remain motivated and socially connected.

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What We Do

When the child is sick, the whole family is sick.

Holding it together when your child’s life is in question can feel impossible. The Sawera Health Foundation brings together practical and emotional support for families who have a child with cancer aged 18 or under, so you don’t have to face it alone.

We provide tools, guidance and a community that promotes health and well being of children and families impacted by cancer.

Our mission

To promote health and well being of children and families affected by cancer


Our Purpose

We help families manage their day-to-day lives better and improve overall health & wellbeing of children, during and after cancer treatment.


Improve day-to-day lives of impacted families by providing tools to help them along their treatment journey to recovery & health


Support improvement in overall health of children impacted by cancer during and after their treatments

Research & Society

Promote and support progress in research and bring sustainable societal benefits

The App

A digital diary to help families manage their lives around childhood cancer treatment.

– Keep track of appointments in a dedicated calendar

– Manage medical and other family appointments

– Organise medicine reminders

– Capture key moments during the journey to beat cancer

Stay Organised

Treatment protocol linked calendar to organize daily lives during (0 – 2yrs) and after treatment (2 – 5yrs)

Keep Track

Personalised treatment protocol linked appointments, and manage other medical and family appointments

Medicine Reminders

Organise all medicine reminders as prescribed by specific treatment regimes

Stay Connected

Capture key moments during the treatment as reminders of personal journey to beat cancer!

How it started

In December 2018, family life shifted drastically for Abhishek and Divya when their young son was diagnosed with cancer. The struggle to work life around treatment and medicine, along with the emotional turmoil, left the family feeling lost and socially disconnected. They did their best to navigate these new waters by staying organised and making sure they never missed an appointment – starting with sticky note reminders, then eventually a schedule on an Excel sheet.

This is the idea from which The Sawera Health Foundation was born. We want to connect people in similar situations and provide them with a tool to turn their journey into a plan, instilling control over their daily life. Today, the Sawera Foundation has grown into a community that works to soften the hardship of children with cancer and their families through organisation, connection and guidance.


Sawera Health Foundation Team

Abhishek Avasthi

Founder and President

Raphael Egger

Board Member & Legal and Governance Advisor

Kapil Machanda

Co-founder and Technology Advisor

Dr Severin Kasser

Board Member & Pediatric Oncology Advisor

Catia Gehrig

Board Member & Communication and Partnerships Advisor  

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What is our community saying

“I think it’s great that there is such an app! I would have tried it for sure, because I felt overwhelmed and would have needed help, especially with the maintenance therapy.”


Affected Mother

“Sawera app perfectly fits the needs of parents who are struggling with the complex therapy of ALL. Everyday life with all the hospital appointments and medication details and so much more can be handled easily with this intelligent and user-friendly tool”

Clinical Study Coordinatior

“The app was really helpful.I could tell immediately where we were in the treatment and what is planned in the coming days”


Affected Family